1- Modify yellow cells with specific vehicle and regional data. 2- Enter RPM or speed into green cells. 3- View results in bold.  
          Let Engine RPM =   Let Vehicle Speed =    
  Primary Reduction                    
  (for motorcycles only;     Overall Vehicle Speed   % of max RPM Engine speed    
  use 1.0 for cars)       Reduction     (RPM)    
  Transmission 1st        
  Gear 3rd        
  Ratios 5th        
  Teeth front                  
  Teeth rear                  
  Tire Diameter (inches)     Circumference =          
  Engine Redline (RPM)                  
  Speedometer Error     (+) If speedo reads fast and (-) if the speedo reads slow      
          Enter (0) to see actual vehicle speeds      
  Units (MPH or KPH)                  

Automatic recalculation